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Creating a Great Chatbot. Why the Focus Needs to Be on Customers

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Over the past year, many technologies have surfaced that promise to revolutionize the way we conduct business. No more so than the chatbot, which can take on a businesses assistant role. Its ability to mimic human speech and interactions is changing the automation game and making it easier for business to focus on what drives revenue.

However, chatbots can’t just be made and implemented without any forethought. So what makes a great chatbot? If you want to know keep reading. Clint Boulton discusses this further in his article on CIO.

Who Should Read This Article

If you are interested in creating the best chatbot for your business then keep reading.

What You Will Learn

Boulton shares why chatbots need to be all about customers then dives into the building process which includes:

  • Designing the conversation
  • Building the conversation
  • System integration
  • Learning
  • Expansion
  • Advanced AI

He then shares the pitfalls that often lead to creating a bad chatbot.

Take Away

When it comes to chatbots there is a right and wrong way to create one. Knowing the steps in the building process will make it easier for you now and into the future.