IDG Contributor Network: Trust in our systems: Chapter 11 and Avaya’s prognosis

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In times of uncertainty, it is best to trust our systems. There are systems that keep us safe such as air traffic control, providing that we arrive at safely distant destinations. There are street light systems that help us cross at busy intersections. In our government, we must have faith in systems, including our separation of powers and a free press.

For the business world, other systems such as the Chapter 11 processes, may not be well understood, but many experts argue are critical.

The Chapter 11 set of processes are especially important at this period of time for the universe of stakeholders that I wrote about recently in “Avaya’s Chapter 11 filing sends waves of disruption.” In this follow-up post, I’ll talk a bit about the Chapter 11 processes and provide some information I gained recently that makes me feel just a bit more comfortable about the future for that universe that surrounds Avaya. Part of this is some recent research and part is due to a briefing that I participated in with Avaya corporate treasurer John Sullivan.

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