The Biggest Education Security Threats for 2017-18

Unified Communications


Given the rapidly escalating scale and scope of cyberattacks in the world today, network security must be the top priority for administrators in the new school year. A failure to adopt current security solutions may compromise the fundamental operations that keep your schools efficient and safe. Cox Business

This seems easy enough, adopting strategies that make your school safe. But for many administrators, it’s not that easy, as many of them don’t understand what the biggest cybersecurity threats are. Are you one of these educators? If so keep reading, Cox businesses discusses the biggest education security threats in their blog post on Cox Blue.

Who Should Read This Article

Anyone in education who wants to know more about what threats to look for during the new school year should read this article.

What You Will Learn

Cox Businesses discusses the top security threats K-12 schools face when it comes to network security and explains why the threats exist. They include:

  • Using a legacy infrastructure
  • Potential cyberattacks
  • Small budget
  • No training
  • Not securing school technology

Take Away

Some of the biggest security threats facing educators are things they can fix. Look at your infrastructure, current training and IT budgets to find ways to make your school safer this year.