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Unleashing the Power of IoT

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It’s amazing how quickly a new technology becomes part of our daily lives. This has certainly been the case with the Internet of Things (IoT). Ten years ago, who would have dreamed of connecting garage doors, lightbulbs, and clothes dryers to the Internet? Of course, that’s exactly what we are doing today. Ordinary devices are getting IP addresses and “talking” to us via text messages, emails, and apps on our smart phones.

The IoT revolution isn’t only taking place in the consumer space. Enterprises are jumping into the fray and looking for ways to add intelligence to nearly every aspect of their businesses. They see how IoT can lead to increased profits, greater customer satisfaction, cost savings, and higher productivity. Businesses have stopped looking at devices as discrete entities. Instead they are viewed as members of a vast eco-system of intelligent tools.

In my latest article for Arrow Systems Integration, I introduce the world to the IoT developer kit I’ve been working on these past several months (which explains why I have been so silent here on SIP Adventures and No Jitter).   I may be a bit biased, but I think it’s the quickest way to become immersed in writing powerful IoT workflows.

Unleashing the Power of IoT