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What SIP Trunking Means for Enterprises

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“What? You haven’t already converted your ISDN trunks to SIP and downloaded a SIP client to your iPhone? Have you upgraded your house to electricity, yet?” Andrew Proko

While SIP trunking seems like a no-brainer to most tech insiders and VoIP experts, most businesses need some education. Why? Becuase they do not understand how much SIP trunks can benefit their enterprise. Are you one of these businesses? If you are, keep reading. Expert Andrew Proko gives a run down on what SIP trunking means and why you should be using it in his blog on No Jitter.

Who Should Read This Article

CIOs and enterprise IT departments who want to know more about what SIP trunking could mean for their enterprise.

What You Will Learn

Readers will learn the ins and outs of SIP trunking including an in-depth look at the basics. They will also learn the benefits of SIP trunking and how it provides rich communications to every business. Finally, they will learn about user centricity and SIP security from an expert in the industry.

Take Away

SIP trunking has huge benefits for enterprises and CIOs need to take steps to implement it into their communication offerings.